An Englishman and an American walk into your week

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You dirty rat!

Rats save their friends, journalists change their ties and there's something about those Chinese sex dolls!

King Tut's space dagger

An alltogether quieter show, with Matt recovering from booze and Mark recovering from the sun.

Dinosaur Lords

This is where reason takes a nap, discourse takes a ¬ong walk off a short pier and Mark takes another ...

Ruh Roh

Welcome to the show that can’t quite remember how to do this, but is sure it’ll pick it up once ...

Giant Robot Snake

Welcome to the Distraction Engine, the show that brings a microphone to a knife fight.

Funded or Frink?

Welcome to the show that knows there ain’t no party like a podcast party ‘cos a podcast party plays music ...

Poddy McPodface

Welcome to the show that takes 119.5 seconds to pour, is as nutritionally beneficial as a bag of iron filings, ...